Borknagar - Gods of My World


Borknagar - The View Of Everlast

Extol - Grace For Succession

Thanks Adam keyofminor

What’s your favorite song to sing along to?

If I like it I’ll post it and give you credit \m/

Ásmegin - Hiertebrand

I wish this band was still around.

Whispered - Jikininki

Recommended by the awesome Adam (keyofminor)

Black Kalmar Skull - Black Kalmar Skull (EP)

Recommendation from an anon, thanks!

Persefone - The Majestic of Gaia

I got a new phone and with it received six months of FREE music from Google Play.

I can get nearly any CD instantly….

My phone is currently empty and this is much faster than uploading my music collection onto my phone…

what do you recommend?

Kalmah - Coward